The Boxing Lion, AIBA Youth World Boxing Championship’s mascot, is the elder brother of the Boxing Tiger, who served as a mascot for the previous AIBA Youth Junior Boxing Championship. The Boxing Lion looks tougher and more mature than his sibling, but inadvertently shares the family resemblance, depicting the key values of boxing – strength, confidence and willpower.

The Boxing Lion will be remembered by the boxers, spectators and the local community – just like his younger brother.


This presentation of the logo incorporates the image of the Rostral Columns, one of the most iconic symbols of Saint Petersburg and its naval glory. Complex and multi-layered, this logo is perfect for animated indoor display inside the venue.


More simple and versatile, this logo will be used to brand every kind of merchandise and media available. Sharing the color sequence of the Russian Flag, it provides perfect identification both for the event itself, and the host country.